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Job Description for a Group Home Worker

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Group home workers spend their time helping their group home residents become independent. From teaching them life skills to setting up appointments, the group home worker's job is one of the most challenging, but also most rewarding, jobs that exist. Many different types of group homes exist, from those caring for seniors to those looking out for young offenders or treating individuals with substance-abuse problems.


Depending on the group home type, the group home worker needs to function as a liaison between the home and its residents and law enforcement, social services, client families and other organizations in the community.

Client Admissions

The admission of new clients into and discharge out of a group home is one of the primary functions of the group home worker.

Client Behavior Assistance

The group home worker is responsible for monitoring the behavior of the clients living in the home, which includes mediating disputes, taking dangerous items out of a client's possession or counseling clients.

Life Skills

Learning how to live independently is one of the primary goals for group home residents. Teaching them these skills is something that every group home worker will do. This could mean teaching someone how to brush his teeth, meal preparation or help with medications. These are quality of life skills, according to the Department of Labor website.

Client Transportation

Getting their clients to and from appointments is the responsibility of the group home worker, according to the Jefferson County website.


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