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How to Open a Group Home in Florida

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Group homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are designed with their individual’s needs in mind. Opening a group home in Florida will let you help individuals who need a certain type of living environment to function comfortably. Group homes are designed for individuals with disabilities, for children who are in foster care or who need assistance, as well as pregnant mothers or elder care. Opening a group home in Florida requires that you stay within Florida laws and regulations regarding group homes.

Decide what type of group home you would like to open and create a business plan. The laws regulating your group home varies depending on the type of group home that you decide to operate. The business plan will show potential individuals and agencies that you might work with what your mission is and how you plan on developing the group home in the future.

Find a location that will suit your group home needs. Many people establish a group home out of their own home, but they need to verify that they are up to Florida state laws and standards. This includes following fire safety regulations and certifying your home as a group home.

Consult with local agencies and become a certified group home. Different agencies will help you get certified to become a group home depending on what type of group home you would like.

Pass a safety inspection and take classes to become a foster parent if you would like a group home for children. The Florida Department of Children and Families will help you if you are interested in becoming a group home for children or teens. To contact the Florida Department of Children and Families please call (866) 762-2237.

Apply with the local Florida area agencies if you wish to start a group home for disabled individuals. Each Florida county has an area agency that will help you in becoming certified and they will also help you with placing individuals in your group home. The Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities website identifies each area agency and it’s location in the state of Florida. The area agency will assist you in passing a fire and safety inspection, and guide you through the certification process to become a group home in your county.

Contact the Florida Department of Elder Affairs if you would like to run a group home for the elderly. The Department of Elder Affairs will connect you with community resources and agencies that deal with elderly care. They will also let you know what you need to become a licensed group home for the elderly.


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