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Job Description for a Telemarketing Manager

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A telemarketing manager typically supervises a call center and telemarketers. Telemarketers make phone calls ranging from soliciting donations to selling products. It is the responsibility of the telemarketing manager to communicate goals concerning what the business expects for telemarketers and help them reach the objectives and goals of the company concerning telemarketing activities.


Telemarketing managers must be part coach, part psychologist and a leader. The telemarketing industry is a tough business and workers must be motivated by the telemarketing manager. As such, he must stay upbeat and provide encouragement to his subordinates. Concerning the technical side of the occupation, the manager reviews sales reports and updates verbiage on telemarketing sales or donation scripts. Most telemarketing managers conduct training classes for employees on topics such as phone etiquette and customer handling.


A telemarketing manager must have strong people skills. She must strive to create a positive work environment for employees under her supervision. Great telephone skills are a must for a telemarketing manager. Oral, written and computer skills must be excellent. The telemarketing individual must know how to create work schedules for telemarketing personnel. She may record calls for training personnel or handle a client dispute over the phone, by email or in person.


According to, the average median salary for a telemarketing manager with one to four years of experience is between $27,927 and $40,400 as of June 2010. The most popular industries for a telemarketing manager to work in include marketing, advertising and media, janitorial services, heating and cooling systems (HVAC) and water treatment products or services. The gender percentage of telemarketing managers are 54 percent male and 43 percent female.

Employment Outlook

Telemarketing managers are classified according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations and Sales Managers. The overall employment outlook for this group, which includes the occupation of telemarketing manager, is expected to increase by 13 percent through 2018.

Educational Requirements

There are no formal college or university educational requirements for a telemarketing manager. Most individuals typically start as telemarketer and work their way into a management position. However, classes in marketing and business concepts and human relations will help a telemarketing manager perform his duties.


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