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Good Resume Samples for a Human Services Major

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Careers in human services include jobs working with people in disadvantaged positions. Criminal justice and assisting those with developmental disabilities are two areas of focus within human services. The fields of gerontology and health care also fall within this category. Great resume samples for human services focus on an interest in helping people and highlight previous experience working in hospitals, nursing homes or other social work-oriented situations.

Outstanding Objectives

The objectives portion of a resume is where you can tell a potential employer about your goals. Objectives are one or two sentence statements that describe what you would like to accomplish in your new human services job. Focus on your strengths and describe your interest in helping other people. A sample career objective for the field of criminal justice is, "Having seven years of experience in child advocacy, I am seeking a position that focuses on defending the rights of children who are victims of crime."

Applicable Accomplishments

In the accomplishments area of a human services resume, focus on the achievements you've made to improve the lives of others. If you're new to the field, mention elements of your past that would fit into this category, such as volunteering at a nursing home or teaching kids in an after-school program. Whenever possible or applicable, cite statistics with your achievements. For example, you might write: "Managed a group of 30 volunteers during a blood drive at my university."

Exceptional Experience

A portion of your human services resume lists previous experience in the field. If your employment has been consistent, it's good to list specific months and dates of your former positions. If you've had gaps in employment, a functional resume that focuses less on dates and more on talents and achievements is preferred. Whichever you choose, focus on experience that relates to the field of human services. Under each employer, list the tasks that you performed in each job in bullet points. For current positions, start a sentence with an action verb. For past jobs, begin the phrase with a verb in past tense.

Edifying Education

In one section of your resume, post education related to human services. Start with the most recently acquired education at the top. Within the section, also list any required certifications or related continuing education. Employers looking to fill positions in human services may be interested in whether or not you have completed courses such as those related to CPR certification. If you have numerous degrees and additional education, feature those obtained in higher education and that are specifically related to helping people.



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