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Good Jobs for 15-Year-Old Boys

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Whether they're looking to earn enough money to buy a new guitar or bike, or simply wanting to help out the family financially, 15-year-old boys can find work in a variety of jobs. Legally, they can only work part-time, which allows them to keep focused on school while still building their resumes. Since they can't legally drive, 15-year-old boys must make arrangements for transportation when the job isn't within walking distance.

Dog Walking

Walking dogs offers both exercise and a chance to interact with dogs. Since a you can't drive, clients should be located nearby. Ask around the neighborhood to drum up business. If a dog owner works late, you can walk the pooch after school or in the day during summer months. If you plan on walking more than one dog at a time or are thinking about taking some dogs overnight, you and your parents should look into liability insurance in case anything happens.


Being a trained lifeguard lets you enjoy the sunshine during summer months and gives you the techniques necessary to save a life. To become a lifeguard, you must get your CPR license, which can be obtained through the YMCA, Red Cross, local pool or private instruction. Being a lifeguard also allows you to see your friends at the pool and teach kids how to swim while earning a paycheck. According to the American Melanoma Foundation, people participating in activities like swimming should use waterproof sunblock.

Theme Parks

Working at a theme park lets you get close to the action while helping ensure visitors get the most out of their experience. Jobs are typically seasonal, with most employers focusing on summer hiring, which works well with summer vacation. Theme park jobs often don't offer much room for advancement, but they can help build resumes, especially at bigger parks owned by Disney or Universal. Each park typically offers a wide variety of jobs in food service and ride operations.


Landscaping lets you help keep neighborhood lawns looking pristine without having to travel far. Mowing lawns requires access to a mower, which can be supplied by your parents or the neighbor needing his lawn mowed. For safety, remove all rocks and objects from the lawn before mowing to prevent anything from getting caught in the blades. During the fall and winter months, shoveling snow can bring in a paycheck. You can also help with a neighbor's garden by pulling weeds or raking leaves.