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Jobs That Allow You to Bring Your Children

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With the high price of daycare, some jobs do not pay enough to cover the costs, let alone any other bills. Some people are fortunate and can bring their children to work with them. The jobs that typically allow this range from childcare facilities to long-haul truck driver positions.


Many daycare providers encourage their staff to bring their young children to work with them. Some provide the service at no cost, while other daycare settings charge a nominal fee. The YMCA in Omaha, Nebraska, for example, allows its childcare employees to bring their children when they work.

If you own your own daycare and figure your children into the equation, you can bring your children to work, too.

Private Cleaning Business

Owning your own cleaning business comes with many perks. One of them is being able to bring your children to work with you. Of course, they cannot interfere with your time or productivity, but if the kids are young enough to play in a portable crib or nap while you work, this situation is easy for everyone. Older children may even be able to help you, provided you pay them for a job well done. Many times the cleaning is done in the evenings or on weekends, when no one else is at the business, so the children will not disrupt any employees or meetings.

Truck Driver

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If you own your own rig, your kids can travel with you. If you drive a company rig, the rules may be different. Be sure to ask your boss before you load up the kids. Regardless, always follow the safety rules of the road and keep your little ones buckled up.

On-Site Company Daycare

If you are lucky enough to work at a family-friendly company, you may have access to on-site daycare. This may be available to you at no additional cost, though you may have to pay for it. Some larger companies that provide this include Fisher-Price, AFLAC, Men’s Warehouse, Publix Super Markets and SAS.

Infants in the Office

Many companies, such as the advertising company T3, encourage you to bring your infant in after your maternity/paternity leave is over. Some companies cap the age between 5 and 9 months old, but until then you can nurse your baby, rock your baby to sleep and hold him when he needs comfort.

Family-Owned Business

If your family owns the business you work at, chances are you can bring your child to work with you. Be sure to talk to everyone it will affect and make appropriate accommodations for the days you cannot tend to your child and get your job done.


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