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Good Careers for Introverts Who Like to Travel

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Extroverted people always bring a little extra to the party, the workplace and the world at large. Their outgoing personalities can make them perfect for sales jobs, merchandising positions or public speaking gigs that take them around the country or the world. More introverted job-seekers may be left wondering if any careers would allow them to travel yet still enable them to be true to themselves. The short answer is yes: many careers involving travel exist for introverts.

Travel Writer

Writing is a profession tailor made for introverts. The process of sitting for long hours manipulating words on a blank page requires a depth of concentration that comes naturally to many introverts. Travel writers may work for magazines or websites. Many writers choose to freelance, taking on assignments as they come. In order to succeed as a travel writer, you must be able to describe the sights and sounds of a particular place in a way that draws in readers so they feel as if they're there.


The job of an auditor is to ensure that companies keep accounting records according to the rules of generally accepted accounting principles and that financial transactions comply with Securities and Exchange Commission rules. Auditors also review processes and procedures of a company for risk opportunities and make recommendations as needed. They may work for private accounting firms, the Internal Revenue Service or the SEC. Many larger companies employ internal auditors to make sure they're compliant before audits by government agencies. The work is detail oriented and not for individuals who have trouble sitting for long periods of time analyzing spreadsheets and other financial data -- in other words, perfect for many introverts. Assignments for auditors typically keep them on the road for much of the year.


At first glance, teaching may not seem like a plausible profession for introverts, but it works well for some. Not all introverts are shy and reclusive; shyness and being introverted don't necessarily go hand in hand. Introverts get their energy from being alone, whereas social situations energize extroverts. Teaching careers, especially at the college level, allow introverted travelers the option of teaching overseas. Opportunities exist in Third World countries for teachers in local schools, especially for English as a foreign language instructors. These positions are seldom lucrative but offer many nonmaterial rewards.

Truck Driver

Driving a truck may be perfect for many introverts, because social interaction is minimal and drivers can spend a lot of time with their thoughts. Trucking is not just hauling goods from place to place. Many entertainers employ truckers to carry the equipment needed for their shows. This gives individuals a chance to see and experience many places around the globe that they might not have otherwise had the chance to see.


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