Jobs That Have Boarding & Travel Expenses Available

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

For job-seekers who want an adventure, there are literally thousands of opportunities to work for employers who pay a salary and cover your living expenses, such as room and board, and travel. Students who want to explore the world, retirees who want to share with others their wealth of experience, or individuals who are transitioning from one career to another lifestyle can find paying jobs with extra benefits.

Cruise Ships

Living on a cruise ship is a job perk for workers who want to see the world. Cruise ships circle the world, giving employees the opportunity to meet people from a variety of cultures and countries. Cruise ships offer a wide variety of occupations -- they hire waitresses, human resources experts, musicians, public relations staff.

Cruise ship jobs are also an alternative for someone who just wants seasonal work, steady pay and the chance to come back home for several months before going back to sea.

International Teaching Jobs

English-speaking teachers, with or without prior teaching experience, are sought by schools and academies all over the world from Abu Dhabi to South Korea to Venezuela. Finding any job that promises accommodations is relatively easy; however, you must conduct extensive research to find legitimate offers. The highest-paying teaching jobs may require certification to teach English as a Second Language (ESL), but so many others don't so there's a plethora of jobs on virtually every continent.

Journalists and Photojournalists

These are premier jobs that combine travel, hard work and attractive pay for doing what you love. Photojournalists and journalists may be dispatched to areas in wartime or sent to live in a Mediterranean oasis to write about culture, customs, food and society.

These are the types of jobs for experienced journalists who know the strategy for negotiating living expenses, accommodations and other perks for their home away from home. Related occupations are news analysts who remain in one space long enough to require housing accommodations instead of simply living in hotel rooms.

Human Rights Work

Agencies such as the Peace Corps offer volunteer and paid positions in nearly every corner of the world. These are primarily human rights positions where Americans interact with people of different cultures.

Tasks and responsibilities may range from building schools to supporting micro-enterprise development for women in impoverished areas. The pay for some positions may be very low; however, a stipend or housing allowance can cover the cost of living in another country. In so many areas, the living expenses are considerably lower than living in a U.S. metropolis.