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Jobs That Use Persuasive Writing

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Persuasive writing is challenging, requiring you to put yourself in the mind of your reader so you can win him over. If you feel you have the skills to meet the challenge, jobs for persuasive writers are available in numerous fields.

Sales, Advertising, Marketing

Professionals who work in the fields of sales, advertising and marketing must be adept at persuading people. Salespeople write pitches and presentations designed to persuade customers to make a purchase. Advertising pros write copy designed to persuade consumers that they need a particular product or service. Marketers write copy for everything from websites to brochures as a way of persuading readers to take a certain kind of action.

Journalism, Publishing

People who write for newspapers, magazines and online publishing sites need persuasive writing skills to communicate effectively to vast audiences. Editorial writers especially depend on persuasive skills to sway people to their points of view. The same is true of bloggers. Persuasive writing skills also are key for critics and reviewers in all genres, including those who critique restaurants, movies, art shows, plays and travel destinations.

Government, Politics

The domain of government and politics holds a vast array of opportunities for people with persuasive writing skills, including speechwriters and lobbyists. Speechwriters, who write on behalf of government officials and politicians, use the power of persuasion to convince the public of the merits of a particular policy, law or political stance. Similarly, lobbyists require persuasive writing skills to rally support for new policies, whether they are writing position papers or for public speeches.


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