General Office Manager Duties

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If you're looking for an office position that offers a wide range of challenges, then you should explore opportunities as an office manager. Office managers are responsible for the day-to-day tasks that keep an office functioning, including hiring and firing, payroll, inventory and facility management.

Human Resources

One of the key tasks of an office manager is the hiring and firing of employees. When work levels are high and additional help is needed in the office, the office manager sets up a new position, including outlining the responsibilities and tasks of the new job. Likewise, when office work levels have dropped, and the inevitable layoffs result, the office manager decides which employee positions he will have to do without.


In some offices, the office manager is also responsible for inventories and ordering supplies. Without supplies, an office can't function, so this role is quite important. Supply ordering is done monthly, weekly or even daily in busy offices. The office manager will take an inventory of the supplies on hand and dispatch any new orders. The office manager may perform this work alone, or may be assisted by an inventory clerk.


One of the duties that an office manager performs in some offices is maintaining the company payroll. This often goes hand-in-hand with hiring and firing and other HR-type duties. When overseeing payroll, the office manager ensures that employees are keeping their hourly records up-to-date and accurate. They follow up on any payroll problems and track compensation, whether by direct deposit, a paper check or other means.

Facilities and Utilities

Another wide ranging aspect of the business that the office manager has responsibility for is the facilities and utilities of a business. This includes contacting utility companies to make sure that all services are functioning properly. The office manager also typically looks after other needs of the office building, including insurance, cleaning services, pest control and landscaping.



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