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The Function of a Promoter

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Being a promoter is a creative position. Promoters anticipate the next popular trend and understand how to market it to the correct people. As a promoter, you have to understand the needs of different demographics and how to make your venue or event a social necessity for the target groups. Promoters' reputations are built on results, so ensure that your guests attend the event and have a fabulous time.

Create the Event

You must choose the venue if you don't work directly for a specific club or theater. You will also be required to develop the theme or brand of the party so that it's easily recognizable to potential guests and works within parameters set by your client. Another event-planning function of a promoter is to arrange the service staff for an event. A good promoter knows that services for an event include much more than providing staff for the venue. To be a good promoter, you need to know how to court sponsors and secure performance talent.


A promoter makes money based on how many happy, paying customers he brings to an event. One of the keys to drawing these revenue-generating customers is advertising. You won't rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as print, billboards and commercials. These things can be helpful, but a large weapon in any promoter's arsenal is social media. Social media includes online outlets where you can connect directly with customers you want to attract via your personal profile. Offer incentives, such as free admission or VIP passes for customers who will share your event information with friends through their own online profiles. Provide any talent or sponsors that you book with webpage banners that advertise your event to their supporters and link directly back to your own website for guest list reservations.

Build the Guest List

A proper guest list includes new customers from the general public, celebrities and other high-profile customers. Great promoters don't rely on their clients' contacts to fill their guest lists, so start compiling your own contact list if you want to be a successful promoter. Being able to consistently generate a full house for your events goes a long way toward helping you to build a reputation as a dependable promoter.


To be a successful promoter, you have to be willing to be outgoing and talk to everyone -- in person or online. Having confidence as a salesman is also key to being a great promoter. You're selling your abilities to clients just as much as you're selling your event to customers. Promoters are paid per event, so cultivate a large client list and be able to consistently exceed the expectations set for each event to meet your financial and professional goals.