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How to Follow Up After a Final Round Interview

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The hiring process doesn’t end with the final round of interviews. Candidates can continue to influence recruiters and employers by following up with them after the final interview. Following up and doing it well can make all the difference between you and an equally impressive candidate when it comes to landing the job. Keeping in touch with the job interviewer makes you memorable to her as she decides which candidate to hire, and it allows you to continue to demonstrate your interest in and enthusiasm for the job.


Send a “thank you” email to the interviewer as soon as possible after the interview. Ideally, you’ll send it on the same day as the interview or the day after. Unless your gut instinct tells you you’re definitely out of the running for the job or the interviewer told you a specific date that she’ll contact you by, follow up with a second email one to two weeks after sending the initial email. Use the emails to restate why you’d be ideal for the job, to continue to showcase your enthusiasm for the role and to clear up any misunderstandings that might have occurred at the interview stage.

Phone Calls

One to two weeks after sending the second email, make a phone call to the interviewer. If she has told you that you’re on the final shortlist of candidates but you haven’t heard anything since, use the call as an opportunity to ask her where you stand with the employer. After another one to two weeks have passed, you can follow up the initial phone call with a second one.

Industry Information

If the employer has gotten in touch with you after the interview to tell you that you have been shortlisted for the role, feel free to send emails that include links to useful and interesting industry information every 10 days or so. This is a practical way of demonstrating your interest in the role. Things you can link to include articles about the employer’s industry or relevant discussions you’ve found on professional social networking sites.


If you’re an employer, the importance of post-interview follow-up also applies to you. Following up with each of the job candidates after you’ve interviewed them for the final time enhances the brand reputation of your organization because, as HR expert Steve Kane tells Forbes in a February 2013 article, it marks the company as sophisticated and progressive. You can follow up with each candidate by calling to thank him for attending the interview. You can also respond to candidates who have followed up with you by telling them “we’ll get back to you.”