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Certification to Calibrate Gas Pumps

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Assuring the consumer of gas pump accuracy is governed by each state's Department of Agriculture or Weights and Measures. Individuals who hold the title of petroleum device technician, or petro tech, in some areas, have the authority to calibrate or retest pumps. Barring any irregularities, registration can be a simple, completed application away.

Not-So-Fun Facts

According to a "CBS News" report, gas pump testing varies widely by state and there are not enough inspectors to do the job. Perhaps more surprising are the findings that in Minnesota, pumps are only inspected in response to complaints; New Hampshire and Arkansas allow gas stations to hire their own testers; and, Tennessee and Florida depend on statistical sampling.

Job Requirements

Applicants registering for the job, in North Carolina, for example, must possess knowledge about gas and oil regulations, general and liquid measuring device code sections in their state's standards handbook, and gasoline and oil inspection laws. Work history is listed and citizenship is avowed. A $20 fee is required when filing the application with the state (as of February 2011).

Certifiers Needed

Those hired to calibrate and retest fuel pumps certify the pumps accuracy. In a few states, pumps must be inspected annually, while other states require only triannual testing. Every new gas pump must pass an inspection before being able to operate, and if complaints arise, the accused station must pass a reinspection. Given the number of gas stations, it's no wonder we hear about insufficient testing in many states.


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