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How to Become an Automotive State Inspector in Texas

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Safety and emissions inspectors are required to hold state certification before they can work in Texas. Considered a position of public trust, potential automotive state inspectors are held to exacting standards. In addition to taking the required classes and passing the exams, Texas applicants must submit to a criminal background check. Expect it to take two to three months to become an automotive state inspector in Texas.

Determine if you are eligible to become a state safety and emissions inspector. Texas requires automotive inspectors to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Your application will be denied if you have been convicted of a felony or a either class A or B misdemeanor. Probation and deferred judgments are considered convictions, but you can reapply once the sentence is discharged.

Secure employment with a certified state inspection station; you cannot become an automotive state inspector in Texas without a sponsoring employer. Certified inspectors are allowed to work for more than one station; however each employment must be reported to the state of Texas Department of Public Safety by the station owner.

Schedule training with the local Department of Public Safety Motor Vehicle Inspection Office (see Resources). Texas requires you attend eight hours of classes and pass a written exam to become a safety and emissions inspector.

Pass a practical exam on your ability to utilize the inspection equipment efficiently and understand the testing policies and procedures. Remit the $10 fee to the Department of Public Safety Motor Vehicle Inspection Office.


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