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Missouri Pest Control License Information

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Each state requires that a pest control technician is licensed as a certified pest operator, or applicator. There are generally three types of pest control certifications in the state of Missouri. You can be licensed as a Certified Commercial Applicator, Certified Noncommercial Applicator, or a Certified Public Operator. Each type of certification requires the applicant pass multiple tests regarding general pest control application, pest control application specific to the state of Missouri, and environmental laws as they pertain to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Certified Commercial Applicator

Certified Commercial Applicators are pest control technicians who perform route pest control services for a pest control business or contractor. According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Certified Public Applicators are licensed to perform general-use or restricted-use pesticide treatments as a direct service to the public for a fee. There is a mandatory $50 licensing fee that must by accompanied by a CCA licensing application. The CCA license must be renewed annually.

Certified Noncommercial Applicator

Certified Noncommercial Applicators are licensed to only provide pesticide treatment for a single employer's facility. This type of license is commonly required of groundskeepers and/or facility maintenance engineers to perform regular pesticide treatments to golf courses, football fields or apartment buildings. This license does not allow a pest control technician to perform pesticide applications commercially. There is a mandatory $25 licensing fee that should be accompanied by CNA licensing paperwork, which must be renewed every year.

Certified Public Operator

A Certified Public Operator's license is a license specifically designated for employees of the State of Missouri that are in positions that require them to make regular restricted-use and general-use pesticides. No license fee is required Certified Public Operators.


Every pest control technician applicant must at least pass Missouri's general standards of competence test (CORE), and at least one out of the 14 test categories, which include ornamental pest control, general structural pest control, wood destroying pest management, forest pest control and agricultural plant pest control. Missouri has formal reciprocity agreements with Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Arkansas and Louisiana. This means that if you pass the Missouri pest control exams your license can be reciprocated to the previously listed states.

Special Certification

All pest control applicators, or operators involved in the care or removal of bees in the State of Missouri must obtain an Apiary certification to help prevent the spread of honeybees and the diseases they may carry. Additionally, if an applicator or operator works for a company or farm that imports or exports plant products in and out of Missouri, they must obtain an export certification to help prevent the spread of pests and disease to agricultural areas.


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