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Document Control Certification

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Document control is located under the topic of information services. The document controller works in a professional setting to monitor the flow of hard copy and electronic documents. Document control specialists are required in health care, engineering, construction and the banking industries.

Document Controllers

Document controllers are needed for document handling. To work as a document controller, you must be organized and keep meticulous records. Document controllers have access to sensitive documents, so you must maintain confidentiality. An important task for the document controller is to update information. You will provide a company with the most accurate copy of a document. As a document controller in your field, you will need to follow current regulatory processes for the collection of information.

Document Control Certification

Document control certification is the process that tests your skills in all aspects of document control. You obtain certification after passing the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000-9001 (ISO 9000-9001) exams. You can register online and take the test at an accredited testing facility. The only prerequisite is implementing a quality assurance program. As of 2010, the certification process for a company averages $3,000. These exams test the standardized federal workplace documentation and reporting procedures. Free courses to study for these exams are also available online.

Certification Advantages

When certified in document control, specialists can show they are qualified to manage documents using the standard regulatory procedures. This certification can propel you into a higher job role from document control specialist to ISO regulatory specialist or ISO Auditor.


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