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Job Description for a Document Control Specialist

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Documentation control specialists are classified as material, recording, scheduling and distributing clerks by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, though they are also called data control clerks. In an administrative setting, document control specialists maintain document control systems--including procedures, drawings, work instructions and labeling. Document control systems allow management of documents generated within an organization's quality system--including documents used to handle complaints, audits and corrective actions.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of document control specialists vary and are dependent upon an employer's business needs. Based on, document control specialists maintain the flow of both electronic and hard-copied controlled documents, department files and resource materials. Other responsibilities include writing document control systems and putting them into action, logging, tracking and maintaining batch records, coordinating document control issues between external subcontractors, service providers and fulfillment houses, and preparing reports regarding quality issues. Document control specialists must be able to recognize problems, recommend solutions and put the solutions into action. They must also be able to maintain confidentiality as they interact with all levels of an organization.

Qualifications and Skills

A documentation control specialist must have effective planning and organizational skills, with the ability to work with a high degree of accuracy and recall. Some companies may require them to use Microsoft Access, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, typing a minimum of 40 words per minute. A minimum of two years of records management is preferred, though in the legal industry, an employer may specify legal assistant experience. Alaven Pharmaceutical company requires three or more years of quality experience in a regulated industry--such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pharmaceutical or medical device--with two years of direct document control experience.

According to, additional skills for documentation specialists include strong written, oral, interpersonal, group and telephone communication skills.


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According to, the salary range for documentation control specialists is $32,291 to $49,207. The salary negotiated at time of hire depends upon an individual's level of experience and the geographical location of the position.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities are available nationwide for document control specialists. Individuals seeking such opportunities may research, a career website affiliated with Work opportunities for document control specialists are also available at companies such as Axelon Services Corporation in Raritan, New Jersey, Novellus company in Tualfatin, Oregon and Philips company in Foster City, California.

Additional Information

According to, an eight percent increase in total employment for office and administrative support positions is expected from 2008 to 2018. The number of added new jobs by 2018 is 1.8 million.


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