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California State Welding Certification

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The California State Welding Certification is offered at various community colleges and through local Regional Occupational Programs. After specific coursework is completed, the potential candidate may take the examination for certification.


Welding types vary, and many facilities offer courses for a well-rounded welding student, including pipe and structural welding, fabrication and ornamental work, or sheet metal fabrication, states Cabrillo College. In fact, many colleges offer career counseling as part of their curriculum.


The San Bernardino Regional Occupational Program stresses coursework in industry standards and safety, all of which are included within a certification examination. Along with learning the different welding techniques, the theories of heat and cutting are studied to understand the science behind the trade.


By concentrating on coursework and applying the theories to the physical act of welding, the student earns the California State Welding Certification. A certified welder has unique choices in career paths, and makes around $40,000 per year, as of 2010.