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How to Become a Certified Phlebotomist at Angelina College

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Angelina College is a two-year junior college located in eastern Texas in the town of Lufkin. The college offers a wide variety of associate degrees, as well as specialized technical degrees. One of the technical degrees that Angelina awards is in the field of phlebotomy. The college trains students to properly collect blood from a patient in a medical setting and offers a certification test after the completion of the program.

Register for and complete the prerequisite courses of Basic Phlebotomy and the survey of Microbiology. These courses are offered by the college as general undergraduate classes. You do not necessarily have to enroll or take these classes at Angelina, but in order to enroll in the Advanced Phlebotomy with Clinicals program, you must first pass these two prerequisites.

Apply to get into the phlebotomy certification program known as Advanced Phlebotomy plus Clinicals. According to the Angelina College website, the program is limited to 30 students at a time, and it is a noncredit course. You must produce an immunization or shot record before beginning clinical assignments and practices. As long as you meet the prerequisites you do not have to be admitted or enrolled at Angelina. The Angelina Community Services Division notes that registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Buy the textbook for the class and complete the program. According to the Angelina website, you will have classes in a classroom setting in addition to extensive clinical assignments out of class.

Register for, complete and pass the American Medical Technologists exam to become a certified phlebotomist. According to the Angelina College website, the cost of this exam is $78 as of 2011. The AMT website says that the test takes about two and a half hours to complete, and the exam is offered via pencil and paper and on a computer so that you can immediately see your results.


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