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Scenario Training for Law Enforcement

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Police officers receive various forms of training throughout their careers. They are trained in the classroom, on the range and in the field. Instructors use often use scenario-based training to enhance their teaching of almost any law enforcement topic.


Trainees need experience to draw upon when rendering decisions in the field and scenario training provides officers with these experiences, often under simulated stresses. Typically this involves instructors acting as role players to create a situation to which the officer must properly respond.

Common Scenarios

Officers receive scenario training in almost all topics of law enforcement. Common situations in which scenario training is utilized include domestic situations, traffic stops, felony traffic stops, search warrant execution, DUI investigations and field sobriety tests, building searches, crime scene investigations and evidence handling.

Survival Training

Scenario-based training using role players is particularly important in survival training. These scenarios intend to mimic life and death situations in which the officer is placed in dangerous and high stress positions. Examples include active shooter scenarios, police-involved shootouts, civil disturbances and routine calls for service gone awry.