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Test Analyst Job Description

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A test analyst reviews the results of process tests in a company's operating systems or manufacturing processes. The analyst also researches potential defects and works in tandem with engineers to provide solutions.


A test analyst formulates and maintains a company's master test plan strategy, prepares and executes test case scenarios, and provides progress reports regarding process tests. The analyst also tests system modifications to prepare for new process implementations and creates databases of known test defects.

Abilities and Tools

A test analyst must possess effective communication skills, math expertise and a disposition for solving complex problems. To perform tasks aptly, a test analyst often uses in-circuit emulators, mainframe operating systems, development environment software and program testing applications, such as Borland SilkTest and JUnit.

Degree Requirements and Salary

A four-year college degree in computer science or information systems is generally necessary for a test analyst position, but employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree for senior roles. indicates that test analysts earned average annual wages of $79,000 as of 2010.


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