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Job Description for Cash Applications

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A cash applications specialist works under the supervision of a senior professional, recording client payments and ensuring that payments are accurate. The specialist also communicates with customers and resolves conflicts.


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A cash applications specialist records client payments in appropriate accounts, identifies and resolves payment discrepancies and answers client inquiries as needed. The specialist also resolves customer complaints, issues receipts, and refunds and computes bills using calculators or cash registers.

Aptitude and Tools

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A career as a cash application specialist requires a knack for understanding and solving liquidity management problems. The specialist must also possess effective communication skills and service orientation, according to career resource O*NET OnLine. To perform the required tasks aptly, a cash application specialist often uses bar code reader equipment, calculators and bookkeeping software.

Education and Compensation

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Cash applications specialists usually have an associate's degree in business management or a high school diploma. Employers often prefer individuals who have practical experience. According to the career data website Indeed, the average yearly wage for a cash application specialist was $38,000 as of 2010.


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