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Commercial Officer Job Description

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A commercial officer performs various duties, depending on the company and staffing needs. The officer may coordinate a bank's lending activities, oversee the accounting functions of a company or manage a firm's sales and marketing department.

Nature of the Work

A commercial officer overseeing a bank's loan operations develops the company's lending business and travels frequently to meet with clients. The officer also reviews the financial status of business partners, such as borrowers and customers, updates loan files and calculates payment schedules.

Competencies and Tools

A top-performing commercial officer generally has analytical dexterity, financial acumen and time management aptitude, according to ONet Online. Skillful and effective commercial officers often use notebook computers, accounting software, such as Bottom Line LoanMaster Loan Servicing, and financial analysis software, such as CGI-AMS CACS Enterprise.

Education and Earnings

Companies prefer job applicants with a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or banking administration to fill a commercial officer vacancy. Senior professionals usually have a master's degree. According to the job resources website Indeed, the average annual salary of a commercial officer was $58,000 as of 2010.


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