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The Job Description of an Education Officer

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An education officer provides teaching services for schools and other educational groups. They make arrangements for courses, programs and meetings that develop educational objectives. The officer ensures educational programs meet with standards and quality of performance. Development plans for education services are made by the officer through talks, seminars, courses, meetings and demonstrations. Educational resources are developed, prepared and managed by educational officers. Training and staff development also are prepared by these officers. Educational equipment and material are maintained and secured by education officers as well.


An education officer must have a master’s degree in education or another related master’s in education. Individuals in this position should also have several years of classroom or clinical experience.

Work Environment

In some cases education officers are required to work a probationary period of six months. They usually work a normal workweek from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Persons in this position should be able to travel for meetings, trainings and seminars. The work environment also calls for officers to train staff on-site when applicable.


Education officers possess relational skills when working with teachers, staff and other educational groups. They also have administrative and written and oral communication skills. Proficiency in computer applications is present in the officer. Education officers have skill in taking initiative, thinking creatively and working collaboratively.


According to, education officers earn an average annual salary of $76,122, as of 2010. Salary is based on experience and location.


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