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Job Description for a Home Care Administrator

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Administrators oversee all aspects of the home care organization including planning, staffing and salary increases for health care workers. The administrator ensures that the organization is in compliance with federal and state regulations for health care facilities and organizations.

Job Duties

The home care administrator oversees all staff in a home care organization and is responsible for hiring, firing, promotions and salary increases. The administrator must develop a budget for the organization and approves all capital expenses in addition to the planning for the entire business.


The home care administrator must have a bachelor’s degree in a medical field such as nursing. Employers require experience in the home care field and in a health management position for the role of an administrator.


In addition to health care skills and knowledge, the administrator must have business experience and be familiar with budgeting, planning and finance. A home care administrator must have written and verbal communication skills to direct the activities of others along with leadership skills. Computer skills are necessary for the duties of a home care administrator.


The average salary for a home care administrator is between $51,603 and $80,755 as of July 2010, according to PayScale. An administrator’s salary depends on the experience of the employee and the home care business that employs the administrator.


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