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What Is an SAP Job Description?

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SAP administrators fall under the information technology job description umbrella and often are required to have advanced IT and management skills. SAP stands for systems application products.

Job Description

Employees on an SAP team are often called SAP administrators or SAP team members. At a management level, they are simply called SAP managers or team leaders.

Education and Training

SAP administrators must have a degree in a computer-related field. A bachelor’s degree is generally required, but most administrators have a master's. SAP certification and training are also required for SAP administrators.


SAP administrators need to know the basics of SAP installation and management. In addition, they often need to be familiar with other databases, possess adequate project management skills and have good communication skills.


The SAP administrator is in charge of maintaining computer systems and customer support in relation to systems used by a particular company. In addition, they are often charged with the tasks of preparing reports and developing long-term strategies for the SAP team.

Working Conditions

Like most IT employees, SAP administrators work in an office environment. They spend long hours sitting and often travel to other offices.


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