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LPN Salary in Canada

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A Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) helps to take care of the sick and injured in hospitals, convalescent homes or in private residences, usually in consultation with a doctor. All provinces require licensing, which entails passing an accredited program of study as well as an internship and exam.


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PayScale Canada states that as of July 2010, an LPN earns $19.16 to $24.31 per hour, with $21.43 to $39.25 for overtime pay. All figures are in Canadian dollars.


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With annual bonuses of $195.05 to $1,492, an LPN salary in Canada can reach $39,866 to $51,966, according to July 2010 statistics from PayScale Canada. All figures are in Canadian dollars.


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The greater the nurse's experience, the higher her salary. LPNs who are new to the industry earn $35,000 to $65,000, and those who have 20 or more years of experience make $33,014 to $41,576. All figures are in Canadian dollars.


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Location plays a part in the average LPN salary. Those in Edmonton earn the most--typically between $43,839 to $60,000. Conversely, in Calgary, nurses make between $29,479 and $48,834. All figures are in Canadian dollars.


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The industry of employment can play a part in LPN compensation. Home health care pays the most, with salaries that range between $42,892 and $53,538. At the opposite end, general health care services pay between $24,815 and $40,695. All figures are in Canadian dollars.