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The Average Salary of a Pediatric Office Nurse

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The salary of a pediatric office nurse varies greatly, depending on a variety of factors, including years of experience, job title, degree and certifications held. But according to a December 2010 Payscale survey, pediatric nurses in general earn from $40,706 to $63,763 per year.

Types of Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nursing is a special certification in addition to your regular nursing degree. Generally, the more education required for your degree the higher your pay scale. A licensed practical nurse (LPN) requires one year of college, a registered nurse (RN) requires two years and a bachelor's in nursing (BSN) requires four years. Finally, at the top of the pay scale are pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatric advanced registered nurse practitioners.

Pay for Registered Nurses

According to a December 2010 survey by Payscale, registered nurses in pediatric offices in the United States earn from $19.64 to $29.00 per hour, or approximately $42,000 to $60,000 per year. By comparison, a survey for the same period states that a pediatric registered nurse for home care earned an average of $60,749. Part of this difference, however, may be accounted for by different survey methods, different employer types and differences in other factors.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

A pediatric nurse practitioner (NP) requires significantly more education, and therefore you would expect her salary to be higher than a pediatric registered nurse's. And according to the Payscale survey that is the case. Pediatric nurse practitioners earned an average of $68,013 in December 2010.

Pediatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Pediatric advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP) can have either a bachelor of science degree or a master of science degree. According to a December 2010 Payscale survey, ARNPs earned from $60,532 to $85,333 per year. Those with a bachelor of science in nursing earned from $49,000 to $77,777 while those with the master's degree earned from $58,958 to $86,906.


According to the December 2010 Payscale survey, pediatric nurses with less than five years of experience earned from $18.14 per hour to $25.76. Those with five to nine years of experience earned from $23.70 to $33.24 per hour, those with 10 to 19 years of experience earned $22.33 to $38.58, and those with the most experience, 20 years or more, earned from $23.44 to $43.24 per hour.