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What Is an Assessment Test?

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An assessment test measures the knowledge, aptitude and skills of an individual. Most commonly, students and professional workers take assessment tests. Schools conduct assessment tests to check the progress of students. Workers take them to assess aptitude toward career.


Assessment tests for students help instructors determine whether the student has reached the learning goal or not. Career and personality assessment tests do not guarantee the ideal career, but they might be useful tools for narrowing down options.

Standardized Assessment Test

Standardized assessment tests are typically completed on paper or computer. Multiple-choice items simplify the job of the instructor for assessing the achievement of each student.

Alternative Assessment Test

Also known as performance assessment tests, alternative assessment tests gauge a student’s command of a subject. These tests typically are in the form of oral presentations, experiments, projects, portfolios and essays.

Career Assessment Test

Career assessment tests use a number of questions regarding interests, style of work and interactions with people. Career aptitude tests help an individual determine his natural strengths and preferences towards work.

Personality Assessment Test

These tests measure the preferences of the candidate for a specific behavior type. A candidate describes herself and then receives an output report that describes her approach toward work and life. Companies use these tests when recruiting new employees.


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