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How to Test to Find a Career That Suits Me

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Determining the right career for you can sometimes be challenging. You may not be sure which direction to go or if you’re in the right field. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can test yourself. You can either take these tests on the Internet or at your local community college. Some are free to take, while others may require a fee. They will determine which career is right for you, based upon your personality and interests. Some people will do them for recreational purposes, while others may use them to get into the right career. Take a few or all the tests below to see if the results are similar.

Take an aptitude test if you’re in high school. By your junior or senior year, your school may require you to take one. This free test will help you decide which major and career path you should go with, based upon your hobbies, creativity and skills.

Enroll in a career development course at your local college. Most community colleges, junior colleges and universities will offer a course in career planning and assessment. These courses will help you assess your present skills, abilities and preferences to make a sound career decision.

Use the Career Path website. (See References 3.) This website is associated with the Career Builder website, which helps people find jobs. At the Career Path website, you can take a variety of aptitude tests including the Career Planner Quiz, the Career Planner Report and the Job Satisfaction quiz. Psychologists have created all these tests. Registration is required in order to take the tests.

Discover the Career Test website. (See Resources) There, you must answer at least 50 of the questions. This test will determine if you’re an introvert or extrovert and a thinker or feeler. Then it will determine which career(s) are best suited for your personality.


If you’re still confused on which path to choose, ask your high school guidance or college counselor for assistance.


Beware of bogus online aptitude tests that require you to pay a large amount of money. They are unnecessary with the other free and low-cost options available.