What Is a Forklift Driver's Job Description?

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Forklift drivers are most commonly found working in warehouses. This position mainly moves pallets and other materials around the warehouse. They can move materials quickly allowing other departments to do their job. Forklift drivers report to the shift supervisor.

Operate Forklift

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The main aspect of a forklift driver's job is operating the forklift. To drive a forklift, you must first pass a test to get licensed. This would include using the levers and controls to drive the forklift.


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This position is also in charge of inspecting the forklift. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, operators should inspect the forklift truck every day or before each shift--or when there seems to be a problem with the forklift.

Loading and Unloading

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Forklift drivers assist in loading and unloading materials, whether it be boxes or pallets, from trucks when they arrive or depart.

Creating Pallets

Sometimes it is the forklift driver's job to create pallets of materials to put on trucks for delivery. This is done by reading the order form and driving the forklift around the warehouse to find each of the materials. The materials are then placed on a pallet and packaged.


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The average hourly wage for a forklift driver is $10.24 as of January 2010, according to Wages will depend on location and experience.