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How to Use a Gin Pole to Lift Heavy Loads

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A gin pole, in simple terms, is a tethered lever used for lifting towers, sailboat masts, logs and other construction materials. The top of the pole and the rigging is outfitted with pulleys for hoisting. Heavy objects secured to the lifting ropes or cables of the gin pole rigging are hoisted through a series of pulleys which add to its lifting ability. A gin pole hoist can rely on human power or use a winch for lift. In either case, gin pole lifting adds greatly to the carrying capacity of the operators.

Secure a rope or steel cable around two points of the object to be lifted. Split the weight of the object between the two points. Tie another line to the object for moving it once it is raised.

Attach the cable or rope from the heavy object to the hook on the lift rigging from the gin pole. Secure the other end of the gin pole rigging onto a winch and crank the winch or turn on the winch motor to execute lifting. Grab the lift rigging rope with both hands and pull to lift with the gin pole working under human power. Share the gin pole lifting load with as many workers as necessary to lift the object without straining. Raise the object a yard off the ground. Leave one worker free to move the raised object.

Grab the second line attached to the heavy object and pull it toward the spot where you want to put it down. Let the object swing on the gin pole rigging until it is over the spot. Let the winch motor run in reverse, or ask the workers to slowly walk toward the pole to lower the object down the gin pole hoist. Guide the heavy object into place as it is lowered.


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