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What Are Duties of Floor Supervisors?

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Floor supervisors typically work in customer service and hospitality settings, such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels. They report to a member of senior management, such as the executive housekeeping supervisor or store manager. In addition, they supervise and train staff while ensuring operations meet the standards set forth by company management.

Customer Service

If a customer has a complaint or concern, the floor supervisor intervenes and resolves the issue. At a hotel, for example, the floor supervisor might check in on guests and address any needs they have. He also handles any special requests and any perks given to VIP guests.

Supervising Employees

Floor supervisors play a managerial role, overseeing other employees and ensuring everyone works together to keep the department or organization running smoothly. At a hotel, they may supervise room attendants, while at a retail store they may manage sales associates. The floor supervisor may participate in hiring decisions, set employee schedules, train new and current employees, and identify which employees should be promoted, reprimanded or fired.

A Variety of Tasks

Floor supervisors also handle record keeping. At Metropolitan Hospitality Group, for example, the floor supervisor keeps a record of all invoices, while also overseeing supplies and deliveries and tracking inventory. At the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, the floor supervisor creates weekly reports and compiles statistics regarding library activity. At the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the floor supervisor balances the register in the store manager’s absence.

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