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Job Description of a Document Analyst

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Document analysts are responsible for keeping all company forms in proper condition, organized and filed. They play a key role in the overall function of a company. These professionals are required to successfully complete a variety of form-related tasks.


Document analysts must maintain constant communication with company marketing executives, human resources and management. Together, they implement goals and company requirements through various documents, including forms, literature and advertisements.


Document analysts are the first to receive rough copies of company forms, literature and advertisements. They are responsible for making the proper changes in grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.


Document analysts are required to arrange and format company forms, literature and advertisements to create the most effective, understandable and organized appearance.

Obtaining Feedback

Interviewing staff members and consumers regarding existing documents is a major responsibility for a document analyst. This allows for improvement of company forms, literature and advertisements.

Record Keeping

Document analysts are required to keep proper records of all company forms, literature and advertisements. This includes filing and providing backup copies of all company documents and forms.