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Salary for a Courier Driver

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The North Carolina Office of State Personnel explains that a courier driver is an individual who delivers information and supplies. Courier drivers deliver items such as letters, office supplies, checks, medical specimens, and other packages.


Most courier drivers follow a regular routine. The driver typically has a scheduled day of deliveries and pick-ups that take place along an assigned route.


Because a large portion of the courier driver's day is spent operating a vehicle, it’s necessary that the driver have a valid driver's license. The driver should also be able to maintain a clean automobile and have a clear driving record.

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Brought to you by Sapling

Physical Fitness

In some courier driver positions, physical fitness is mandatory. Some courier drivers are required to lift and carry heavy packages.


In addition to being a good driver and physically fit, courier drivers must also be able to read a map and calculate the shortest driving time for arriving at a destination. Having a working knowledge of municipal streets and state highway systems is helpful.


According to Indeed.com, the average national salary of a courier driver is $28,000. In addition to a base salary, some companies offer benefits packages that include healthcare coverage and 401(k) plans.

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