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Salary for a Courier Driver

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The North Carolina Office of State Personnel explains that a courier driver is an individual who delivers information and supplies. Courier drivers deliver items such as letters, office supplies, checks, medical specimens, and other packages.


Most courier drivers follow a regular routine. The driver typically has a scheduled day of deliveries and pick-ups that take place along an assigned route.


Because a large portion of the courier driver's day is spent operating a vehicle, it’s necessary that the driver have a valid driver's license. The driver should also be able to maintain a clean automobile and have a clear driving record.

Physical Fitness

In some courier driver positions, physical fitness is mandatory. Some courier drivers are required to lift and carry heavy packages.


In addition to being a good driver and physically fit, courier drivers must also be able to read a map and calculate the shortest driving time for arriving at a destination. Having a working knowledge of municipal streets and state highway systems is helpful.


According to Indeed.com, the average national salary of a courier driver is $28,000. In addition to a base salary, some companies offer benefits packages that include healthcare coverage and 401(k) plans.


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