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Job Description for a TeleTech Call Center Representative

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TeleTech is an international business process outsourcing firm that provides a variety of operational solutions to companies. Call center representatives, called customer service associates or representatives, provide support to customers and clients worldwide via the telephone.

Primary Duties

Using both a telephone and a computer outfitted with Microsoft Windows applications, customer service associates and representatives are trained by TeleTech to answer customer questions and inform them of new products and services.

Varied Hours

TeleTech operates in 18 different countries worldwide. As a result, representatives employed in their call centers may be required to work non-traditional hours including evenings, overnight and weekends.

Educational Requirements

In order to qualify to become a customer service associate with TeleTech, call center representatives must possess a high school diploma. In lieu of this requirement, a general equivalency diploma (GED) is also acceptable.


Call center representatives who are hired as customer service associates with TeleTech earn an hourly wage starting $9.25.


TeleTech offers many benefits to call center representatives who work as customer service associates, including paid vacation, tuition reimbursement, medical and dental insurance, a 401k plan as well as discounts to a variety of stores and restaurants.


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