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Job Description for a Merchandiser

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Merchandisers work in the retail sales industry alongside merchandise managers and executives, buyers and sales personnel to ensure that assigned products are displayed in a way to encourage sales in the retail environment.


Merchandisers are assigned to a territory of retail stores within a certain geographic area and are expected to visit each store on a daily basis or other predetermined schedule to deliver merchandise and check on existing products.


Merchandisers build relationships with key store personnel to ensure their understanding of brand information, shelf standards and special promotions on the products.


Merchandisers deliver new stock, rotate out the old stock, clean and maintain store product displays and price merchandise as appropriate.

Display Building

Merchandisers often have to build elaborate displays for their products using cardboard cutouts, promotional signs and special shelving.


Merchandisers report information about outdated products, stock shortfalls and other problem areas to their managers.

Salary and Qualifications

According to, merchandising jobs often require a bachelor's degree. The typical salary range for this position is $44,000 to $82,000 per year but may vary depending on years of experience and geographic location.