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Job Description of a Saleslady

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A saleslady is a professional salesperson that is skilled in the art of selling. She gives special attention to customer to fill their purchasing needs in a courteous and experienced manner. This professional does much more than push the merchandise consumers buy, but also has keen insight to her buyers’ needs and wants.


A saleslady possesses at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. She should also have knowledge of being a salesperson. This is usually obtained through on-the-job training or a previous sales position.


According to the statistics on as of March 2010, saleswomen at the entry level yield an annual salary of $20,226 to $36,149. At mid-level a woman working in sales earns $29,221 to $56,274 annually. If she has 10 years or more of experience, the typical salary ranges from $34,207 to $74,685 annually.


Most salesladies work in the retail industry— selling clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, and cologne, for example. They may also work in any other industry selling merchandise that is geared toward a specific demographic of consumers. They also work in call centers that sell products or services through telemarketing. Some salesladies also give parties where consumers come and see their line of products for sale and order and purchase merchandise this way.


A woman involved in direct selling is very organized and able to work alone without any supervision. By displaying drive and initiative the hard sale is made. She must have excellent customer service skills with the ability to work well with others. A saleslady has the ability to keep detailed records by having good written and verbal communication skills.

This sales professional can stand for hours and move merchandise and products for display or stocking. She must be motivated to learn sales inside and out, and adhere to flexible scheduling that may include working weekends and holidays.


Advertising and displaying items for purchase is the main duty for the saleswoman. She must have an in-depth knowledge of all promotions, sales, and specials. Showing the customer to merchandise or how the merchandise is beneficial falls into the duties of the saleslady. She is responsible for handling cash, checks, and credit cards made for purchases. Keeping track of the customer’s order and ensuring orders are delivered to the customer if necessary go along with her duties as well. She stocks merchandise and is accountable for keeping inventory records.


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