The Best Careers for Women Over Fifty Years Old

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Women over the age of 50 have tremendous opportunities to rebuild their careers or start new ones altogether. Despite whether you lost your job or need a fresh start, there are many industries to choose from.


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Education has many outlets for older women who enjoy shaping today's minds into future leaders. For example, Cornell University in New York was listed by AARP as one of the best employers for older workers because a majority of its workers are over 50 and the school frequently recruits older employees. Even if you don't have a college degree, you can still get work tutoring high school and grammar school students.


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Many local and state governments offer civil service positions that can last a lifetime. Women with advanced degrees and decades of experience can find work with federal agencies such as Housing and Urban Development.


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If they have years of experience working as a nurse, they may want to transfer their skills as chief administrative positions within the hospital, or they can consider finding employment in healthcare management.


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Women with a financial background have the opportunity to become bank branch managers if they spent years working in administrative roles at the bank. Another option is to seek for more challenging roles at investment companies. Some banks, like Barclay's, have training programs specifically designed to attract workers over 50. If you have a large network, a career as a broker or an insurance agent is also an option.

Social Services

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For older women who want to make a difference in their communities while earning a living, social services is a good field. For example, some women may choose to work at local chapters of nonprofit organizations including YMCA, United Way or Girl Scouts of America.