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EDP Job Description

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EDP stands for electronic data processing systems, and an EDP specialist has direct supervision of large-scale computer systems and related equipment. The job duties include administering routine computer support tasks and doing special projects as assigned.

Large-Scale Computer Maintenance

One of the daily responsibilities of an EDP is to monitor and maintain the mainframe computer systems. This can include printers, tape drives, and peripheral equipment. The role also typically includes monitoring regular system back-ups and performing routine troubleshooting.

Provide Regular Consultation

EDPs consult with management, users and technicians to determine how to use information systems to carry out the organization's functions and fulfill its purpose. EDPs also participate in hiring and training computer staff.

Education and Training

An undergraduate degree in computer information systems is preferred along with some additional hands-on training. An internship or significant time spent under direct supervision is highly recommended.

Technical Qualifications Needed

A thorough understanding of various computer systems, software and applications are a must. EDP Specialists need to have a strong desire to stay on the cutting edge of technology and stay up-to-date on any advancements.

Special Qualifications

An EDP position can also be very physical in nature. Specialists must be able to lift and carry anywhere from 25 to 50 lbs. of computer equipment and cables. They also need superior oral and written communication skills and problem-solving abilities.


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