What Is the Hesi Nursing Exam?

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The HESI exam is a vital step to becoming a nurse. Several resources online, offline and in the educational community will help you study to pass the HESI nursing exam.


The HESI exam is a computerized nursing test given online. HESI stands for Health Education Systems, Inc., the name of a testing company that performs health education testing. The HESI exam is also referred to as the E2 exam.


The HESI exam tests comprehensive knowledge of nursing and is required to graduate from most associate nursing programs.


Some bachelor's of nursing programs will take a high score on the HESI exam in lieu of an associate degree in a nursing.


The HESI test is given in different forms to prevent cheating. If you fail the exam, some colleges require that you wait as long as six months before re-taking the HESI.

Taking the Exam

Nursing program participants typically must take the exam to graduate from their nursing program. You can find information and the online exam at https://hesiinet.com/.