What is a Bellman's Average Salary?

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A bellman is the person who opens the doors, carries your luggage and does other activities at a hotel or apartment building such as hailing a taxi cab. The average salary of people working in the field varies depending on a number of things, including where they work.

Hourly Salary

The hourly salary of a starting bellman is $7 to $8 an hour as of 2009. This varies depending on the company, as those working for higher-end hotels or luxury apartments typically earn better salaries.

Annual Salary

Based on information compiled by Simply Hired, the average annual salary of a bellman is $20,000, though the top percentage of workers in the field earn closer to $24,000 per year. Tips can make up a large portion of a bellman's pay.


Bellman jobs don’t always include typical benefits such as health insurance. If you’re interested in this type of career, you might need to pay for your own insurance.


Those working as a bellman are allowed to accept tips for doing their duties and might also get tips during the holidays. These tips aren’t included in the average salary figures.


Those working as a bellman in a larger city such as Chicago or New York earn more money than those working in a smaller town because they have more people passing through the doors.