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Summer Jobs for Teenagers

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Finding a summer job can be tough for teenagers. With competition from college students, out-of-work adults and retirees, teens are more likely to find themselves at the bottom of the hiring totem pole. If you've come up short on your summer job search, reevaluate your options. Persistence and creativity could help you snag a summer gig.


Popular metropolitan tourist attractions, including museums, zoos and aquariums, routinely hire teenagers during busy summer months to work in gift shops and restaurants.


Farmers often hire teenagers to help with a variety of farm chores, including planting, milking and feeding.

Parks and Resorts

Water parks, amusement parks and resorts that cater to warm-weather visitors frequently rely on teenagers to fill a variety of jobs from selling tickets to performing lifeguard duties.


Organizations that promote children and family often hire teenagers to work in summer camps and summer day programs.


Many municipalities hire teenagers to work at city and county swimming pools, parks and golf courses. Some colleges hire teenagers to provide summer lawn care and cleaning.


Youth sporting organizations and families often hire teenagers to ref games, nanny, provide tutoring and give private lessons in a variety of sports.