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How to Know if an Employee Lied on Her Resume

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In a competitive job market, some applicants will resort to anything to land the right position -- including putting false information on their resumes. As a manager, it's important that you learn how to detect lies on a resume to avoid hiring unqualified candidates and to find out if current employees provided false information before being hired. There are several steps you can take to learn if an employee has lied on her resume.

Check Business Listings

Go over the information provided on the resume and do some independent research to confirm its accuracy. The Internet is an excellent resource for finding information quickly, and will expedite your research time considerably. According to the Greater Lansing Business Monthly, employees have been known to list fake businesses or false contact information when applying for jobs. Run a web search to confirm that every business listed on the resume does in fact exist. If it is a legitimate company, it will at least have its own website. Compare the official contact information for each business to the phone number and address the employee provided.

Confirm Employment History

Obtain permission from employees to contact their former employers. Call every business they claim to have worked for previously, using only the official contact information provided by the company on its website. Employees might have friends or relatives pose as supervisors on the phone, or enlist professional resume forging companies to provide fictitious information through a hotline phone number. Employees also have been known to embellish their duties on their resume, inflate their job titles and provide misleading information regarding the length of their employment. Ask their former supervisors to confirm how long they worked there, as well as the duties and responsibilities they held during their tenure.

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Verify Education

Employees might lie about the colleges they attended, or provide misleading information such as claiming that they earned a degree when they never actually graduated. Confirm that all colleges listed are legitimate institutions and not diploma mills that sell degrees for a fee. Ask employees to sign a transcript release form to allow the colleges they listed on their resumes to provide you with copies of their transcripts. Obtaining official transcripts will not only confirm that employees attended the schools they say they did, but also whether or not they earned degrees listed on their resumes.

Verify Licensure, Certification and Training

If employees claim that they hold any form of licensure or certification, contact the agencies they say issued the license or certification to confirm that they are being truthful. If they claim they underwent specialized training, have them provide the name of the institution that hosted the training sessions or seminars so you can confirm their attendance.

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