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Duties of a Deputy Manager

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A general manager oversees the smooth running of any organization by offering leadership and guidance. This is not an easy task, so the company may hire a deputy manager to help him with this enormous workload. A deputy manager, also referred to as an assistant manager, works closely with the manager and helps him to develop, coordinate and plan projects and programs. The duties of deputy managers vary depending on where they work. For instance, a deputy manager in a bank performs different tasks from a deputy manager in the pharmaceutical industry. However, assistant managers working across all industries will perform certain similar core duties.

Training Employees

An assistant manager might help the company to achieve its vision and goals by arranging employee training workshops. This duty helps to improve the competence of the workforce, which increases the profitability of the organization. Assistant managers work closely with the Human Resources Department to interview and hire new employees. It is the duty of an assistant manager to formulate recognition programs that reward excellent performances. This improves employee retention and motivation, which goes a long way to help the company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Managing the Organization

If the general manager is absent, the deputy manager takes over his daily duties. Some of these management duties include supervising employees, attending meetings, motivating employees to improve productivity, formulating strategic plans, communicating with external stakeholders, managing the company finances and ensuring that all of the systems in the company are running smoothly.

Assisting the Manager

One of the primary roles of a deputy manager is to assist the general manager in preparing a budget and allocating funds to all departments. An assistant manager also works closely with departmental supervisors to plan and execute projects, and to monitor systems and technology. He also implements business strategies and procedures, manages the organization's resources and draws up staff schedules.

Preparing Reports

A deputy manager receives reports from all departmental heads and hands them over to the general manager. He uses this information to prepare the company’s quarterly, biannual and annual reports, which he hands over to the GM and the members of the board. These reports, presented during annual general meetings with shareholders, show the progress an organization has made toward achieving its goals and mission.

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