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Concealed Carry Instructor Salary

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Concealed carry instructors teach legal gun owners the laws and practices to carry a firearm in their state. Following receipt of a concealed handgun permit from a state, students may also take classes teaching techniques to better use their firearm to defend themselves against a deadly assault. With more states providing opportunities for citizens to receive concealed handgun permits, becoming a concealed carry instructor is an opportunity to increase personal income.


Concealed carry instruction is often an independent business, rather than a salaried position. Class participants often pay between $25 and $125 for the concealed carry permit course, depending on the local market. Courses that teach concealed carry permit holders more advanced techniques can range from $60 to $200 depending on the length of the course and the credentials of the instructor. Instructors will need to plan the number of students and classes they will need to offer each year to meet their expected earnings.

Background and Preparation

It is common for states to require concealed carry instructor applicants to already be certified as firearms instructors by a national organization. Local hunting and shooting clubs will be able to point to training in the local area to become a certified firearms instructor. The applicant often must also have a concealed firearms permit in the state. With documentation of firearms instructor certification and a concealed firearm permit, the applicant can apply with the state (where required) for certification as a concealed firearms instructor.


Instructors must manage their own costs for firearms, ammunition, liability insurance, and classroom or range rental. Many states require students to handle and understand multiple types of handguns, so the instructor must have one or more revolver and pistol to teach the class. In states where a range certification is required, students also will need to shoot guns. The concealed carry instructor can rent firearms to students for use during the class to help those that do not yet own a firearm to meet this requirement. Additional firearms may be purchased by the instructor for this purpose.


To run a successful concealed carry business, instructors must communicate their message to their chosen target market. Maintaining a website and social media activity are key to communicating with the public. Building relationships with gun shops and ranges to post flyers and advertising for classes is another opportunity to increase awareness and to draw students.


Lucas Higgins has worked in education management since 2004 and has been an educator for more than 10 years. He holds a Master of Business Administration as well as master's and bachelor's degrees in the arts. He has published articles covering the arts, hunting, firearms and business.

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