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How to Become a CCW Instructor in Ohio

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Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) is legal in Ohio as long as you follow the regulations for obtaining a license. Receiving a license requires applicants to successfully complete a CCW training course taught by an approved CCW instructor. Ohio does not train firearms instructors for the purpose of teaching CCW courses. Instead, Ohio requires instructors to receive certification through other governmental agencies to qualify as a CCW instructor. Anyone applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon must have the certifying instructor complete a portion of the licensing application to prove firearm competency.


Learn about gun safety and how to shoot. Anyone applying as an instructor will need these skills prior to taking an instructor training course. Local firing ranges and shooting schools offer courses in gun safety and shooting.

Join a shooting club. Shooting clubs provide a safe way to practice shooting and develop solid skills. Through club events, shooting competitions and further training, members meet others interested in firearms and develop a further understanding of their shooting abilities.

Demonstrate your skills. Instructors must be able to prove they understand firearm safety and that they have shooting skills. Enter competitions and practice shooting on a regular basis to become comfortable during demonstration.

Qualifying as an Instructor

Apply for instructor status through the National Rifle Association. The NRA teaches already trained- shooters how to teach those skills in a classroom setting. Candidates for instructor training are asked to demonstrate their safety and shooting skills by completing a list of questions and demonstrating through a series of qualification exercises. Once the candidate qualifies, he must complete an NRA instructor course.

Receive instructor approval through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. Firearms instructors who have been approved through the OPOTC training programs to teach at an Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy qualify to be instructors under the Ohio Carrying a Concealed Weapon Law. OPOTA requires new instructors to take several Firearms Instructor courses offered through the OPOTA before teaching.

Obtain qualification through federal agencies or through a position in law enforcement. Anyone approved by the FBI, DEA or the U.S. Secret Service to teach firearms instruction qualifies to certify Ohio citizens on firearm competency. Additionally, retired peace officers, state troopers or honorably discharged military personnel trained as firearm instructors are also qualified to become instructors. A document that evidences the instructor's involvement in a branch of the military or government and an additional document that proves firearms instructor training is required to certify applicants.


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