Bodyguard Qualifications

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Qualifications for bodyguard jobs include extensive training in combat, tactical driving and other background knowledge of the protection field. Learn more about bodyguard qualifications with tips from a former Secret Service agent in this free career video.

About the Author

Joseph A. LaSorsa is a professional body guard, as well as the President & CEO of J. A. LaSorsa & Associates and a former Secret Service Agent. LaSorsa worked on presidential protection duty at the White House, providing worldwide discreet executive protection. He has also provided bodyguard, physical security services and training to corporate executives, dignitaries, the public and celebrities. Based in south Florida, LaSorsa's firm's security services include, but are not limited to, premises liability, security negligence, investigative and counterfeit currency cases, expert testimony and confidential investigations. His firm also offers estate and yacht security, systems and safe room design and construction, corporate and workplace violence and school security consulting and training, counter eavesdropping and industrial espionage, as well as general audio counter measures.