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What Are Attributes of a Great HR Director?

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Human resource directors play a central role in planning, coordinating and supporting administrative activities of the entire workforce, serving as a link between an organization’s management and its employees. Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not offer qualities of HR directors, it does suggest that HR managers should demonstrate a wide range of managerial, organizational and critical thinking skills for successful leadership. Various attributes are equally important for you to be a great HR director.


Successful management of companies entails the coordination of human resources. As such, a great HR director should demonstrate effective collaboration skills to work efficiently and influence individuals and teams not only within his company, but also from across the wider business. He should take an executive team-orientation role in ensuring engagement and motivation of the entire workforce in achieving its optimal performance, especially during times of relative instability and change in management.


Great HR directors don’t wait to be prompted to take actions. Instead, they see a void in the department and go ahead to take the relevant initiative. A great HR director should understand what sets him apart in his line of work, and use his skills and competence to instigate new projects to achieve organizational growth and efficiency. For instance, he may evaluate the level of customer satisfaction and provide services that customers may not have even identified as needs.


Like other department directors, a great HR director needs to understand and demonstrate his expertise in handling business deals and the economics of his industry. He must possess commercial expertise and experience in accomplishing mergers and acquisitions, as well as understand the basics of profit and loss. A great HR director should be well acquitted with short-term business imperatives and long-term strategic needs of his organization. He should apply his aptitude to ensure that both needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Customer Focus

To be a great HR director, you should have a perspective of customer focus. Most HR directors focus too much on the talent and performance of individual employees instead of the welfare of the entire organization. In as much as you focus on enhancing performance of employees, you should understand that a good customer base creates a positive reputation, which translates to more clients for your company. As such, you should be keen to resolve customer queries and ensure their needs and expectations are met with satisfaction.