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How to Attract the Best Applicants for Your Job

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

To reach the widest audience, effective recruiters take advantage of a variety of recruitment tools. No longer can you rely on the classified ads or a posting in a vast employment database without the risk of losing a vast number of highly qualified applicants. Additionally, the best candidates often target their own searches to reliable sources where they can have direct access to the jobs they want and don’t always look for openings in common places.

Go Mobile

The Pew Research Center reports that, in 2012, half of all American adults used a smartphone or tablet to get their news. Well-read applicants keep up with the news and current state of affairs. They are savvy about their industry and the changes occurring both nationally and globally that affect their careers. By incorporating mobile-enhanced recruitment tools, such as an applicant tracking system or enhanced company website mobile career app, you can reach those attractive candidates where they are looking. Beat the competition for the best candidates by being the first to cross their radars using mobile recruitment applications.

Tailor Your Message

Job applicants are attracted to companies for a variety of reasons. Highly educated workers, for example, place value on a firm’s mission to match their previous experience and training. They look for innovative companies where they can be challenged. Management-level employees look for employers with strong leadership that supports their efforts. Create job descriptions in ads and recruitment materials that target those values to attract the best candidates. Interview your top employees to find out what they like best about the company and use their ideas to craft effective recruitment campaigns.

Target Competitors

Many top-notch employees are already working for your competition. In many cases, those workers are frustrated in their jobs because they aren’t given the flexibility, support, and means to succeed and grow in their current positions. According to HR consultants at TLNT, 20 percent of people who are already employed are frustrated at work. Those very often are the exemplary workers who strive for excellence and could prove to be your very best applicants. Use marketing messages targeted to “frustrated” workers, with ads that focus on the opportunities available with your company and the extensive tools and training you can provide along with the respect due to top-notch employees.

Develop Attractive Culture

Great companies are built by great employees, which is why you need to develop a culture that is attractive to the best applicants. Take a few tips from some of the companies that consistently make the top 100 lists of best companies to work for, such as Intel, which literally rolls out the red carpet for new hires, or Qualcomm, which hosts a farmer’s market on-site for employees every other Friday. Google traditionally makes it into top-10 lists because of the free food it gives employees and the break room games it provides, in addition to a host of other benefits. Great perks and benefits attract great employees and positively influence your retention rates.